This Week, January 31: Chris Hall and the Tuscaloosa Housing Authority

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Ensuring quality affordable public housing presents a number of challenges in the best of circumstances. In the wake of last year’s storms, which devastated so many public housing facilities in Tuscaloosa, the challenges have only multiplied.


But so have the opportunities. On Tuesday, Rotarians will hear more about the recent debates and future plans for renewal of public housing in our city. Chris Hall, Director of Development for the Tuscaloosa Housing Authority, will speak to the Club.


Hall’s responsibilities include researching and pursuing development opportunities for the THA that will help improve and maintain the Authority’s low-income housing portfolio and related business interests. Hall also supervises the various development projects of the THA until their completion.


The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority manages over 1,200 public housing apartments in seven different locations. Its goal is “to provide drug- free, safe and clean housing alternatives for low to moderate- income families, senior citizens and people with disabilities who qualify based on their current income.”


For more information on the TAH and its programs, visit

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