Charged with governing the recruitment, orientation and guidance of new and current members, the Membership Director supervises the following committees.

This committee promotes the identifying and recruitment of new members, planning and executing a pre-induction orientation for nominees, and facilitating the involvement of new members into committee and/or service functions of the club, with the goal of imbuing a sense of belonging and a team spirit in Rotary.


The Classification Committee maintains an up-to-date roster of filled and unfilled classifications, based on community characteristics. When a new member prospect is nominated, the Classification Committee determines what classification he/she may be loaned, and reports this to the Board of Directors as an important step in recruiting new members.

The Attendance Committee actively promotes good attendance by Rotarians at the weekly club meetings. This may be done through general encouragement and/or individual contacts as may be appropriate.

The Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa welcomes its members each week with smiling faces! To volunteer as a greeter and to learn more about our current greeters, contact our Membership director.