This Week, April 17 District Governor Martin Uptain

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Thr Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa invites Rotary District Governor Martin UptainRotary’s District governors are charged with coordinating the efforts of Rotary International with its thousands of clubs and millions of Rotarians at the local level. To that end they are also charged with making annual “offical visits” to each club.


The purpose of each visit is to emphasize the goals of both Rotary International and the district, and to communicate regarding issues and programs of importance to our membership.For district 6860 in 2011-2012, these taks have fallen to Martin Uptain, who will male his “official visit” to the Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa this week.


Among District Governor Uptain’s goals are that each club will be 100% participants in “Every Rotarian Every Year” and “Future Vision” programs of Rotary International, that every club will aggressively grow its membership, and that each Rotarian will participate more vigorously in the many activities of their club and District.


Uptain joined Rotary in 1996 as a member of the Rotary Club of Gardendale. He is a past club president, and has served as an assistant governor and district secretary. He is a Paul Harris Society member, a Paul Harris fellow and a sustaining member of the Foundation. He also served on the District Assembly committee. During the last two years, he was a member of the PETS executive steering committee.

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