This Week, July 3 A July 4th Faily Barbeque and Special Guest, Thomas Melvill

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This week Rotarians will celebrate Independence Day with a barbeque-style meal, with family and friends all invited! Kids and other family eat free, and all will welcome a very special guest. Thomas Melvill, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, will speak to the club about life in the time of the American Revolution.

Melvill was born in England but his family settled in Massachusetts when he was a child. An early supporter of American liberty, he was close friends with Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. He was a founding member of the Sons of Liberty and was rumored to be the patriot who conceived of the idea that led to the Boston Tea Party.

His family long displayed a small glass vial containing the tea leaves that were removed from his shoes when he returned home that night in December, 1773. One of those descendants was his grandson Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick.

An officer in the American Revolution, Major Melvill served with Paul Revere in the artillery and was a company commander. He was appointed by President George Washington to be Inspector of the Port of Boston, and was reappointed by Presidents Adams, Jefferson and Madison.

Until the end of his life Major Melvill was known for continuing to dress in the fashion of the Revolutionary war (knee breeches and a tri-cornered hat) long after the style had fallen out of fashion. 

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