Last Week, July 24 Tuscaloosa Probate Judge Hardy McCollum

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Rotary Tusacloosa, Hardy McCollumLast week Rotarians welcomed Tuscaloosa Probate Judge Hardy McCollum to the club. Hardy was born in Tuscaloosa, attended Tuscaloosa High school, and spent 8 years in the National Guard. He has served on numerous committees and boards including The West Alabama Chamber of Commerce, The Industrial Development Board, and the University of Alabama Commerce and Business Administration Executive Committee to name a few. He has been Probate Judge of Tuscaloosa since he was elected in 1976.

Judge McCollum takes pride in the fact that Tuscaloosa County is one of the few debt free communities in Alabama, as well as the Nation. The County currently has about $40 million in reserves on hand. His Probate Court handles cases dealing with mental health, adoptions, and appointing guardians or conservators for individuals that cannot control the well being of their assets either by age or mental health. Hardy is running against Tuscaloosa Rotary’s own Sherriff Ted Sexton in the general election held in November. 



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