Rotary is Opportunity by Frank Deaver

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Have you ever been asked, “What is Rotary?” Reduced to a single word, Rotary is Opportunity. RI President (1978-79) Clem Renouf said, “Rotary takes ordinary men [and women], and gives them extra-ordinary opportunities.” Of course Rotary is many things, but summed up in opportunity.


Rotary is opportunity for acquaintance. Without Rotary, members’ local acquaintance would be limited perhaps to neighborhood and workplace. Through Rotary classification, acquaintance is spread across the community, including most local businesses and professions.

Rotary is opportunity for networking. Paul Harris initially brought friends together for social contacts, but one of their first decisions was to target their business relations primarily with one another. Rotarians are confident they can trust each other for professional or business needs.

Rotary is opportunity for personal growth. A member may become a committee member or director, rising to the job’s expectations, gaining self- confidence, poise, and increased leadership ability.

Rotary is opportunity for better citizenship. In their weekly programs, Rotarians gain understanding of government, business, and society. Through participation in community projects, they gain appreciation for local needs, and their ability to meet some of those needs.

Rotary is opportunity for mentoring. Through sponsorship of Interact and Rotaract clubs, through school projects or literacy programs, members have opportunity to share their expertise with future leaders.

Rotary is opportunity for ethical awareness. The Four-Way Test defines high standards of personal integrity. Rotarians are expected to practice and encourage ethical behavior in the workplace and the community.

Rotary is opportunity for world understanding. Meeting with foreign guests and students, members gain a multi-cultural awareness, and insight into the world society.

Rotary is opportunity for fellowship and service. But isn’t that included in all of the other opportunities mentioned? The central fact remains: Rotary is Opportunity 


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