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The October, 2012, issue of THE ROTARIAN is in your mailbox. The article “POLIO’S END GAME” Page 42 is a must read. In the article three leaders of the eradication effort discuss what it’s going to take to end polio now.

Of particular note is the timeline of major events and progress from 1985 when Rotary launches PolioPlus until 2012. This year India has been removed from the list of polio endemic countries after a full year without any cases of polio. India must now go two more years without another case in order to be certified polio-free. Polio remains in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The global investment in ending polio exceeds $9 billion with Rotary club members having raised more than $1 billion in support of polio eradication. Rotary and its partners in this effort are so very close to the finish line. But we are not there yet. As District Governor Phil Williams reminded us last week, PolioPlus, along with the Annual Program Fund and the Permanent Fund are three funds within the Foundation deserving of our consideration. Contributions to PolioPlus receive Paul Harris Credit. A question to test your Rotary knowledge- What is the definition of “PLUS” in PolioPlu.

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