Last Week, November 6 Coach Sarah Patterson

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Last week The Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa welcomed University of Alabama Coach Sarah Patterson. Coach Patterson was the last Coach hired by Coach Bryant at the age of 22. Patterson said in the beginning they had an old wrestling mat with a hole in it for tumbling. She and the team used athletic tape to place an “A” in the middle of the mat. She stated she had to ask Coach Bryant for $5,000 (equal to her salary at the time) for a new mat. Sam Bailey didn’t want to give her the money, and she stated that Coach Bryant said “just give the little lady what she wants”.

Since then Coach Patterson has developed the Gymnastics program into one of the premiere programs in the County. Since their first Championship Appearance in 1982, they have been to 30 consecutive Championships, Most recently winning back to back National Championships in 2011 and 2012. Coach Patterson encouraged everyone to come to a meet, and stated if you don’t have fun, she would personally give you your money back.

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