This Week, March 26, 2013 J. Wesley Brown with the Marshall Space Flight Center

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Wesley joined the Marshall Team in 1997. Since that time, Wes has served in a variety of positions ranging from business development for the space optics division, business manager for a major rocket engine program, and deputy project manager for an Agency-wide project management improvement initiative.

Wes has also served on a number of Agency teams that have looked at numerous issues ranging from the creation of a Human Exploration Framework to serving as lead architect for the National Institute for Rocket Propulsion Systems.

For the pasty year and half, Wes has served as the Lead for Strategic Integration in Marshall’s newly formed Center Strategic Development and Integration Office.

Prior to his career at NASA, Wes served for seven years in the Army, where his assignments include serving with the 24th Infantry Division during Desert Storm and Alabama’s own 20th Special Forces Group during Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti. Wes is a graduate of Athens State University and received an M.B.A from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 



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