Lindsay Turner with the Druid City Garden Project, September 3, 2013

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Lindsey Turner the Executive Director of the Druid City Garden Project. DCGP is a new, young, non-profit organization that puts gardens in schools as a learning tool partnered with Math and Science.

An integrated curriculum was created to meet the needs of the classroom. This has resulted in improved test scores, as well as giving students a true hand on learning experience that helps them learn better. It offers a non-traditional learning experience with those students that just don’t seem to get it in the traditional classroom environment.

The program operates with a “seed to table” approach. Students have a higher chance of eating food they grow themselves. In addition they learn the skills necessary to be an entrepreneur as they sell the fruits and vegetables once a week at their very own stand that operates as the parents come to pick up their children. They so all aspects of running the business themselves! Since no chemicals are used in tending the garden, buyers can be assured of safe, delicious foods to take home and prepare for their family.

A new initiative was started at the Juvenile Detention Center. These kids are learning the value of hard work and get to see the tangible results. Lindsey told the story of Dee, who is in detention there after running away with her brother, who is also there. She believes her life has been changed because of the experience with the garden.

DCGP is working on a “Garden in Every School” initiative. They are working to train teachers on the program so that it can be implemented and sustained in schools across Alabama, and the US.

The current garden yields over 200 lbs. of produce a year. The program aims to have an end result of more than just improved learning. It aims to prevent malnutrition and obesity at a young age and give lifelong skills.

The Druid City Garden Party is the annual fundraiser and is a fabulous evening of local chefs, preparing locally grown foods all with a live band and more! This year’s event took place Sunday and was a great success. If anyone is interested in volunteer opportunities, please check out the DCGP website at



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