Rotary District 6860 Governor Tom Greene, October 1, 2013

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2013-10-01-Tom-GreeneTom Greene was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His family lived there for 5 years until his father was recalled to active duty in the Air Force. He lived in 10 states throughout his youth and adult life including three of the four corners of the US. He spent most of his youth in Greenville, South Carolina and graduated from H.V. Jenkins High School in Savannah, Georgia in 1964. His youth experinces included racing homing pigeons and attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

Tom attended Clemson University and Georgia Tech. He graduated with a degree in Physics from Georgia Tech in 1968. After graduation, he worked for Hamilton Standard in Connecticut. He was involved in proto type testing of experimental rocket thruster engines used to control a satellite’s orientation in space. He was present in a company command center with a team when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969.

In 1970, Tom returned to Atlanta, Georgia to marry his fiancé, Beth Ratterree and to work for the Southern Company. He worked in nuclear power for almost his entire 40-year career, starting up and operating two of the company’s plants. In 1991, he moved to Birmingham to support the long-range operation of the company’s plants including his involvement in the nuclear industry. Over the last 8 years of his career he managed large projects for the company. He retired on January 1st, 2011.

Tom has been a member of the North Shelby-Inverness Club since 2002 He was a club director, secretary, president-elect and president. In the District he has served as an Assistant Governor. Over the past three years he served as the District Trainer and District Communications Officer, and was on the strategic planning and finance committees. He was a PETS trainer for 5 years, is a member of the Council of Governors, and is a multiple Paul Harris fellow and a Paul Harris Society member.


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