Rotarian John Snider Heads 2011 Salvation Army Campaign

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Rotarian John Snider Heads 2011 Salvation Army CampaignOn Tuesday Rotarian John Snider was recognized as the leader of this year’s Salvation Army fund drive. The bell ringers are a fixture around town this time of year, of course, and Community Service Director Chuck Turner honored John, appropriately (and with a new cap, no less!) as “Head Dingaling.” John thanked his committee, and recognized the leadership of Rotarian Dean Moretz as well.

Most importantly, John reminded the Club of the task at hand: Rotary will be collecting checks and money of the next two weeks for the fund drive, and volunteers are needed to ring the bells on Saturday December 17 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Best of all: the new red aprons volunteers get to wear, that tell the world “I am a Rotary Bell Ringer!”

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