This Week, February 7: Jim Page, Director of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce

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Jim Page Director of West Alabama Chamber of CommerceWest Alabama has long been blessed with excellent civic and business leadership, and the region’s Chamber of Commerce is an important part of that tradition. This Tuesday Rotarians will hear more about the Chamber and the business outlook in our region from Jim Page, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama. Jim also serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Chamber’s Foundation.


The CCWA is an umbrella organization for more than 1,000 businesses. Its mission is to provide the leadership and vision to secure the best economic prosperity, business climate, and quality of life for ourcommunity.


Prior to his tenure in Tuscaloosa, Jim served nine years as Vice President of Public Policy and Business Development for the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce in Decatur, Alabama. Jim also led the highly successful retail recruitment and development efforts of the City of Decatur through a partnership between the Chamber and Decatur City Council.


Jim earned a degree in Political Science and Marketing from the University of North Alabama, where he was elected President of the Student Government Association. He


and his wife, Sara, are the proud parents of a three year old daughter, Elly.
For more on Page, and on the Chamber and its activities, visit

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