This Week, February 21: Off-Site Visit to Tuscaloosa’s New Federal Courthouse

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Tuscaloosa Federal Court HouseA reminder to all Rotarians that our February 21 meeting will not be at Indian Hills. The meeting will instead take place at the new Federal Courthouse, 11:30-1 p.m.
The Good news: our new federal courthouse is hard to miss. The massive Greek Revival building on University Boulevard is situated on a five-acre site (bordered by University Boulevard and Seventh Street to the north and south, and 20th and 21st avenues to the east and west). Measuring over 127,000 square feet, it was recently completed, under budget, at a cost of $47.8 million.


The bad news: All who attend will have to first go through security. Rotarians are asked not to bring cell phones in order to ease the process. We will then head downstairs for lunch, followed by a courtroom power point presentation and a tour of the sixteen murals by Caleb O’Connor depicting the history of Tuscaloosa and the region.
Two-hour parking is available on the streets around the court house. Free, unlimited parking is also available in the city’s new three-deck lot one block away.


The complex is home to several important new offices: U.S. District Court Judge Scott Coogler and Senator Richard Shelby, Social Security, the FBI, a federal bankruptcy court, and the U.S. Marshal’s Office.


Any who have not signed up to attend, and any who would like to bring a guest, or if you have any questions, contact Bruce Burrows at or 391-1910.

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