Rotarian of the Week: Warner Johnson

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Last week Rotarian Debbi Besant took part in the Club’s new program of interviewing Club members to help Tuscaloosa Rotarians get to know everyone a little better. The second Rotarian to be interviewed was our most recent Past President Warner Johnson. Warner is married to Beth Ann and has two children, Malone and Shelton. He runs the Property Management Department for Duckworth Morris. Warner was born in Montgomery but moved around several times attending 6 different schools, 10 moves, and covering 5 states from West Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama. Warner came to Tuscaloosa to attend UA in 1985, graduating with a B.S. in Psychology and had originally wanted to go to law school. He had been an Eagle Scout and utilized those connections to take a job with the Boy Scouts in Crenshaw County. In 1991 Joe Brown offered him a job at Duckworth Morris where he has been ever since. In addition to his work with Duckworth Morris, he is a partner in Newk’s restaurant in Tuscaloosa, and two more in Huntsville. One bucket list item he’s made plans to complete is backpacking on a Scout trip with his son in New Mexico. Other wish list items include playing golf at St. Andrews in Scotland, watching premiere soccer teams battle in the World Cup, and attending the Tour de France. Warner’s musical tastes range from Bluegrass to the Grateful Dead. He is a member of the Rotations and is working on getting the band back together. 


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