This Week, July 17 Dr. Earnest McNealy and Stillman

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Earnest McNeely, Rotary TuscaloosaThe University of Alabama dominates discussions of higher education in Tuscaloosa. But another institution, one just as old and just as important to the local population over the years, is Stillman College. This week Tuscaloosa Rotarians will learn more about the present and future of Stillman, which has emerged in recent years to enjoy one of the most dynamic periods in its long history. Dr. Earnest McNealy, Stillman’s fifth president, will speak to the Club.


Stillman enjoys a special relationship with the Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa. Rotarian Jack Warner and his extended family have long served as patrons of the institution, and the College’s fourth president, Dr. Cordell Wynn (1982-1997) was a long-time Tuscaloosa Rotarian. Under Dr. Wynn enrollment at Stillman grew beyond 1,000 students, and the college endowment enjoyed dramatic growth.


Dr. McNealey was named the fifth president in 1997. Under his leadership Stillman has emphasized excellence in several areas, most notably technology, athletics and academics. In recent years Stillman has won the National Innovation in Technology Award by Apple Computers, enjoyed both the largest enrollment in the history of the institution and rising admissions standards, and in 2004 received its first-ever ranking among top tier schools in U.S. News and World Report. For more information on Stillman and its programs, visit


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