Rotarian of the Week: Dean Moretz

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Last week Rotarian Frank Deaver took part in the Club’s new program of interviewing Club members to help Tuscaloosa Rotarians get to know everyone a little better. The fourth Rotarian to be interviewed was SA Captain Dean Moretz. He was born on December 27th in Culpepper, VA. He has attended schools in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Dean has been employed in Indianapolis, IN, Greenville, SC, Orange Park, Miami, Tallahassee, FL, Huntsville, AL and Tuscaloosa, AL. He holds the Salvation Army rank of Captain, as does his wife Pamela. They both have worked in rehabilitation centers and enjoy helping others. They like the creative arts, drama, music, and dance. Dean has two children – a married daughter and a son in college. He enjoys carpentry, woodworking, Alabama Football and NASCAR racing. In fact, if he should ever have a second career, he would like to be affiliated in some capacity with NASCAR. Among others, he suffered losses in last years tornado. He lost two buildings, but is in the process of moving in their new administration building on University Blvd. They are currently seeking grants and contributions to rebuild their shelter on Greensboro Ave. 


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