Last Week, August 21 Stephen Black

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Stephen BlackLast week Rotarians welcomed Mr. Stephen Black. Mr. Black reported that the single most important challenge facing Alabama today is thoughtfully dealing with a 45 year decline in civic duties and efforts by our citizens while more and more families are struggling to get by. He explained that this is due in part to wives having to work to assist in supporting families, as well as more single income families due to single parents. He went on to say that all of this has left less time for adults to engage in projects and activities outside the home.


According to Mr. Black we are seeing a generational shift in the last few years: a revolutionary change for those in the 15-25 year old age group- with some of these now in their mid to late 30’s- who are thoughtfully researching culture.

Alabama has 11 “Torch Bearer” schools that are proof of Teach for America’s efforts. These are schools where poor children are performing well; in fact outperforming some schools in wealthy neighborhoods. Two examples are E.D. Nixon and George Hall Elementary Schools. 


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