This Week, November 20, 2012 David Blair

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Programing Change: Stillman Choir had to cancel, and David Blair with UA’s Veterans’ outreach program will be moved up from his later date to speak to the club.

The Outreach Mission is to attract and retain excellent students by seeking out all veterans, service-members, dependents and survivors in order to provide them the opportunity to enhance their lives by obtaining a degree here at The University of Alabama. The mission consists of building relationships in the community and beyond as well as increasing awareness of the Center for Veteran and Military Affairs throughout the civilian community as well as the military community.

Outreach Services provided:

1. Reaching out to veterans, service members, dependents, and survivors of veterans throughout Alabama and the Southeast to inform them of their opportunities here at The University of Alabama.
2. Advising prospective students on the admissions process.

3. Advising students on their benefits and options.
4. Giving campus tours to students and their families.
5. Assisting in all initial paperwork for the GI Bill, Federal Tuition Assistance, Tuition Assistance, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

6. Providing liaison services to students (voice between students and departments).



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