Mark Tegan – Inventure Renewables – February 28, 2017

Posted By Byron Abston

Mr. Tegen brings Inventure over 18 years of petroleum industry experi­ence. He was formerly CEO of Sen­erg y Chemical, which he formed after licensing a novel patent to convert glycerin into propylene glycol. The technolog y won the 2006 Presiden­tial Green Chemistr y Award. Prior to for ming Senerg y, Mr. Tegen was Presi­dent of Pacific Fluids LLC, the largest specialty chemical manufacturer,  terminal in the Pacific Northwest. During his term with Senergy Chemical and Pacific Fluids. Mr. Tegen oversaw the marketing, sales, product development, and manufacturing of petrochemi­cal products for customers including Octagon Process, Boeing, Castrol, British Petroleum, Kaiser Aluminum, and others. In addition, he has also developed or co-developed 14 patents and patent applications. He received his degree in Business from the University of Washington.


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