This Week, May 22
 Brigadier General Allen M. Harrell

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Allen Harrell, Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa, May 22The Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa has a long tradition of members with decorated service in the military, and of celebrating and honoring our active duty armed forces members and veterans. This Tuesday, just days after Armed Forces Day, the Club will continue to uphold that tradition. We welcome Brigadier General Allen M. Harrell, who will speak to the club on a wide range of matters stemming from his long experience in the military.  



 Harrell is Deputy Commander of the 167th Theater Sustainment Command, a logistics headquarters for United States Army operations in North America. He is responsible for strategic planning and coordination of support to active duty and federalized reserve forces in the United States Northern Command. 


General Harrell was commissioned into the Regular Army in August 1980 through the ROTC program at the University of Alabama. He served as a Field Artillery officer on active duty in various battery and battalion level assignments from 1980-1986. He then served in the Army Reserve for three years before joining the Alabama Army National Guard in 1989. 

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